Adopting a New Cat: Worthwhile Adventure

Thinking about expanding your family? Perhaps you want to add a ball of fur to curl up on your lap after a long day and liven up your life, but you are too busy to accompany it all day long? Ponder no more! You are definitely missing a feline member in your life. So, if you are a cat lover and planning to adopt a cute bundle of joy, here is everything you need to know about your new feline friend.


Let’s face it. Adopting a cat is like adopting a baby. It needs to be fed, vaccinated, pampered, and taken care of all the time. So, before you make up your mind, you have to consider the following:


Cats aren’t totally independent!

Some cat lovers believe that, unlike dogs, cats are totally independent. However, it is high time we ended this misconception. Yes, it is true that cats are low maintenance compared to dogs, but cats still need to be groomed and fed. They also require a lot of playtime, care, and affection at least twice per day. So, if you want to adopt a cat believing that it can fend for itself, you have to think twice.


Not All cats are the same…

Some cats love to be cuddled and pampered while others appreciate a lot of “me time”. In other words, if you don’t have the luxury of time for a high-maintenance cat, forget about a Persian. Moreover, if you don’t mind your cat wandering outside, consider adopting a Norwegian Forest cat. However, bear in mind that if you are not willing to groom your cat regularly, long-haired cats are not for you!


You should cat-proof your home

The process is simple. Free your home from any plants that may be toxic to your feline buddy, including lilies, tulips, and oleander. Moreover, keep certain food at bay such as grapes, chocolate, avocado, raisins, raw meat,  and yeast dough as these might poison your cat. In addition, don’t forget to keep detergents, medicine, and any small items out of reach. Moreover, make sure to secure all your doors and windows.


Your feline buddy hates loud noises

That’s why you have to be mindful of where to place your cat’s bed or territory. It is better to give your cat a quiet and comfortable space as this will give it a sense of security and confidence.


Cats Must be spayed and neutered

Unless you want to deal with sprayed urine all over the place, unwanted kittens, and deadly infections down the line! Therefore, make sure to spay your female cat and neuter your male cat to ensure a longer and healthier life.


Your cat allergy has nothing to do with cat breeds

Sad news to allergic cat lovers who wish to adopt a cat! If you think that adopting a short-haired cat will help you with your allergy problem, we are sorry to disappoint you. In fact, what causes allergy isn’t the cat’s coat but the protein found in the feline saliva that the cat covers itself with while grooming.


How to take care of your feline friend?

Knowing that you are now well-informed about your feline friend’s lifestyle and personality, it is time to learn how to take care of it.



It’s up to you to decide the type of cat food you want your cat to eat, but it is better to consult a veterinarian first. And if you are a vegetarian, don’t expect your cat to imitate you as cats are obligate carnivores and need animal proteins to survive. Furthermore, not all cats can drink milk!! Some of them are lactose intolerant. 

In addition, always make sure that your cat has fresh and clean water.



To reduce unwanted shedding and dreaded hairballs, brush your cat’s coat weekly. However, if you have a long-haired cat, brushing several times a week is a must!

Don’t forget to brush your cat’s teeth to avoid common dental diseases.


Vet visits

Just like children, cats need physical check-ups, vaccinations, and treatments. Hence, take care of your fur baby, and schedule a vet visit at least once per year.


Litter box

Potty training might take some time, but you have to encourage your cat to use a litter box. However, keep in mind that the litter box should be placed in a quiet spot and cleaned regularly.



Whether you like it or not, your cat needs to scratch and this is one of its normal and healthy behaviors. Hence, to keep your furniture as good as new, you will need a scratching post.


Shopping time!!

You have finally reached the best part. It’s time to stock up your cart with cat essentials from Tajer as you will find the following:


  1. Food and water bowl
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  3. Cat litter
  4. Litter mat
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  6. Cat bed
  7. Cat carrier
  8. Scratching post
  9. Interactive toys

Congratulations!! You are now ready more than ever to adopt a feline friend. Visit our website and pamper your ball of fur with our high-end cat essentials.


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