How To Pack Efficiently Before Hitting the Trails


It goes without saying that “Camping” is on your bucket list this month, but you are definitely not looking forward to dealing with a sprained ankle, sore muscles, and awful blisters!  Yes, camping can turn into a nightmare if done wrong,  thanks to your poor backpacking skills.

Hence, now more than ever is the right time to acquire some backpacking skills before hitting the trails.


What’s in the backpack?

Knowing that you will be on the road for days or even weeks, some camping essentials must accompany you on your camping trip. And by “essentials”, we don’t mean that you have to pack the entire house with you! You only have to stick to the stuff that you will need the most.


1. Camping tent

Trust us on this, our camping tent will be your only haven.


2. Camping bed

Of course, no one would like to deal with restless nights after a long hectic day.


3. Camping bag

You don’t have to worry about the cold nights anymore.


4.Camping stove and lighter

When hunger strikes, this Foldable Gas Stove will be your savior!


5. Backpacking food and snacks

You can pack pre-made sandwiches, crackers, cheese, fruits, and canned food. Don’t forget to pack extras in case of emergency.


6. Utensils

Unless pre-made sandwiches are the only food on the menu.


7. Water Bottles

Stay hydrated all day long with this stainless-steel bottle and thank us later.


8. Portable coffee maker

We bet that our portable coffee maker will be the highlight of your camping trip!


9. Camping lantern

Enjoy your campsite even when it turns dark and gloomy.


10. First Aid Kit

You should never take your safety for granted, especially on such trips. Make sure to include this Deep Freeze Spray in your kit as well!


11. Personal hygiene kit

This kit should be on the top of your mind, including sunscreen, lip balm, tissue, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitizer, soap, and towel.


12. Power bank

This item is a must-have, especially if you are going to use your phone frequently for navigation and collecting memories.


13. Extra clothing 

Don’t forget to include an extra pair of jeans and a puffer jacket for chilly nights.


Keep in mind that packing varies depending on the length of the camping trip. If you are going to hit the trails for weeks then you might need additional camping gear, including batteries, fuel for the stove, cookware, and a repair kit. You can also treat yourself to our comfy camping chair!


How to pack efficiently?

Now that you prepared the camping essentials, it is time to load your backpack conveniently and comfortably.

First, focus on the four internal weight zones: bottom, middle back, front, and top.

Bottom: this zone is for the bulky items and gear that you will not use while on the trail, including the camping bed, camping bag, and clothing.

Middle back: consider stuffing the heaviest items in the middle section of your pack, such as cookware, stove, fuel, food, and camp mug.

Front: this area gives you instant access to the lightweight essentials, so load it with your hygiene kit and crunchable snacks.

Top: the backpack’s brain is perfect for snacks, headlamps or camping lanterns, a first aid kit, and any camping gear you might need while on the trail.


Then fill the accessory pockets with water bottles, lip balm, sunscreen, power bank, phone, and more snacks!


How to avoid overpacking?

Falling into the trap of overpacking is quite easy, especially if you are a beginner and haven’t experienced before what you might need or not while on the road. Hence, the best way to avoid overpacking is by laying out all that you are planning to take on your camping trip and separating them into essential and luxury. Essentials should include only the items that you need the most, like food, camping bed, camping bag, first aid kit, and more; while everything left out is considered a luxury and should be removed. In other words, you can remove your pillow as it can be replaced with a pile of clothes; zoom lenses for the camera, jewelry, expensive shoes and clothing, and bulky towels must not accompany you on your trip. And please, leave your guidebook at home! It takes up too much space, and you will definitely not need it if you have access to the internet. 


Congratulations! You are now ready to hoist your backpack and embark on your camping trip. Check our website for a wide variety of camping essentials that tick all the boxes.



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