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11 Must-Shop Trends in Summer 2022

It goes without saying that you are over the moon and your smile is so bright, that we might need sunglasses. This is because winter is officially over and everyone’s favorite season has finally started; so, toss your turtleneck sweaters and your timeless trench coats away, and let’s start preparing your Summer wardrobe. Before you start dwelling on what’s “in” this year, let us tell you that Summer 2022 can be described in 3 words: nostalgic, bright, and daring! Now that you are bursting with curiosity, it is high time we discover 11 must-shop Summer 2022 fashion trends that will dominate the streets this year!!


zebra pattern dress ”

Haven’t we mentioned before that this year is all about going bold? Cut-outs have made a comeback this season even bolder than ever! You can opt for Cut-out dresses, blazers, or even swimwear and never go wrong. On a more serious note, this trend is only for fearless dressers and not for the faint of heart!

Zebra Pattern

Haven’t we mentioned before that this year is all about going bold? Zebra patterns have been a fashion standard for some time now. You will see them on Rompers, bags, and even on Swimsuits. The best part? They even come in bright colors!

animal mix ivory dress zebra patter zebra pattern bag

Summer Skirts

If you still insist on being fearless, add miniskirts to your wardrobe. And by mini minis, we mean the type that you would find on a supermodel of the 90s. Well, you will start seeing it everywhere. You can consider trying miniskirts with loud colors, prints, or fabrics and leave us reminiscing about the good old days!

Pleated Skirts

Besides miniskirts, pleated skirts are here to stay! Trust us on this one, whether you are wearing a plain, printed, midi, or maxi skirt, as long as it is pleated, you will definitely nail it this year.

pleated brown skirts shop online

Platform Shoes

Frankly, nothing can help you nail it this season better than Platforms. Don’t let that word scare you! We are not talking about the thick platform at the toe of the shoe; chunky platforms are on a different level this year. So if you want to add some inches to your look, make sure to grab a pair of platforms.

black platform shoes leather


What’s better than matching your platform shoes with a co-ord? We are not exaggerating we promise, but Sets, whether matching two-piece pants or skirt sets, will be found in the closet of every fashion lover this year. They are practical, easy to throw on, and will spare you the trouble of mixing and matching. Have we mentioned that they are the perfect go-to on busy workdays?

balloon long sleeved blazer dark orange and brown

Oversized Blazers

Another workwear staple is taking the front seat this year: An Oversized Blazer! You can wear it with matching trousers or even as a dress with a belt and never go wrong. You can even try your husband’s tuxedo blazer with padded shoulders. Just saying!

Bulky Bags

It seems that “oversized” and “ bulky” are the new norms this year. Please, oh please , discard your micro bags as soon as possible and focus on bigger and bulkier ones that can fit more than a facemask and sanitizer! Great news for those who like to stuff a lot of things in their bag.


While choosing a bulky bag, make sure it is green!! Yes, green is the color of the year; the emblem of recovery, progress, and evolution. Hence, make sure to liven up any outfit this year with grass green top, emerald green headband, or olive-green sunglasses. You can even channel your inner Grinch and go green from Head to Toe!

green head to toe, class and sportive dress

Hot Pink

Instead of channeling your inner Grinch, you can channel your inner Barbie! Hot pink will have its moment this year as well and you will see it everywhere and on everyone. It seems that fashion designers knew that you need this burst of joy this season.

hot pink dress, classic


We have warned you before about loud colors, but did we mention anything about stripes? No, you are not seeing things, stripes will haunt you wherever you go this year! In addition to the bold stripes in black and white, stripes this year come in different colors, textures, directions, and sizes for extra levity and contrast.

striped rainbow printed dress from nike

Fashion folks, as you can see there is shopping to be done and more life to be induced to your wardrobe. But in case you haven’t noticed yet, you can rummage through your mom’s wardrobe and retrieve all her 90s/80s outfits. We told you before it is all about nostalgia this year! Or better yet, make sure to download Tajer’s app and get the latest trends at your fingertips.


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