7 Fashion Hacks That Will Make Your Kids Turn Heads This Summer!

How many times have you lost your curious little creatures at home, only to find them hiding in your closet, rummaging through your stuff, and trying on your outfits? If you haven’t noticed yet, let us tell you that your little ones are fashion-forward, and summer is the best time to help them look like fashion icons. Now if you are not sure where you can find trendy outfits, leave that to Tajer.

Here are 7 fashion hacks that will make your kids turn heads this summer!


1. Color their wardrobe

Summer is all about brighter colors! Hence, before choosing any outfit, make sure it is a “pop of color”. Unlike dark colors that absorb more light and heat, lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays, keeping your little ones cool! Stock up on colorful t-shirts and dresses, you will definitely need them!


2. Breathable fabrics are a must!

Besides light colors, breathable fabrics, including cotton, linen, and silk will surely keep your kids cool this summer. Of course, you don’t want to deal with a grumpy kid, drenched in sweat just because he is not wearing skin-friendly fabrics.


3. You can never have enough cotton t-shirts

Nothing can keep a grumpy kid at bay like comfy cotton t-shirts with cute slogans and prints. You can choose from our wide collection of t-shirts that will keep your kids comfortable, but without compromising style!


4. Add more shorts to your cart

Match their cute cotton t-shirts with our stylish shorts! Whether you opt for cotton shorts, swimming trunks, or running shorts, you can never go wrong. In fact, your kid may toss away all his/her pairs of jeans, and live in shorts all summer long. Just saying!


5. Loose-fitting clothing is a lifesaver!

Your cart should be loaded with loose-fitting clothes!! Do you want your little ones to run, climb and play, but be the center of attention at the same time? Then dress them up smartly and consider buying dresses, co-ords, jumpsuits, and dungarees. These loose-fitting clothes will help them have a blast this summer without worrying about their clothes ripping!


6. Invest in sandals and slides

Nothing will help your kids have a blast this summer more than wearing comfy and breathable footwear. Hence, put their sneakers and loafers away, and focus on sandals and slides. Usually, kids love wearing open-toe footwear that allows their feet to breathe because they are easy to wear and won’t make them feel too constricted or sweaty.  Check our website, there is something for everyone!


7. Boost their look with a statement piece

As we mentioned before, there is something for everyone especially when it comes to accessories! Make sure to complete your little fashionista’s look with a colorful headband, adorable straw hat, cute sunglasses, and stylish baseball cap. On a more serious note, your little girl may not leave the house without her purse!!


Now that you are lost in our dazzling summer collection for kids, we know it can be really hard to settle for a few pieces. Make sure to follow these 7 fashion hacks, and we assure you that your kids will melt hearts this season!



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