Take Qatar Home With 6 Authentic Souvenirs

As the World Cup is around the corner, it is no surprise that visiting Qatar in these couple of months is on the bucket list for most people all over the world. Even before this spectacular event, Qatar has long been considered one of the most famous tourist hotspots. However, we can’t deny that nothing can make you reminisce about your trips like authentic souvenirs and traditional presents.

That’s why Tajer will help channel your inner spendthrift and take Qatar home with you with these 6 authentic souvenirs!


1. Shawls and Scarves

If you are a fashion lover, then shawls and scarves are for you! These mementos come in different sizes and colors, and the best part is that they are light-weighted; so, you can pack plenty for you and your friends.


2. Abayas and Kaftans

Just like shawls and scarves, Abayas and Kaftans are the perfect traditional souvenirs for fashionistas. In fact, Tajer has a wide collection of gorgeous Abayas and kaftans on display; choose yours wisely!


3. Oud fragrances

Whenever you set foot in Qatar, you will notice that the Oud scent will haunt you wherever you go! This “Black Gold” is the traditional scent of Qatar and you can find it as perfume, hair mist, hair mask, hair oil, bath salt, soap, body lotion, and body scrub. It’s impossible not to take this scent home with you. 


4. Incense and Incense Burner

Your trip won’t be complete without Incense (Bakhoor), and an incense burner; authentic staples in Qatar. We assure you that you will be tempted to stock up your suitcase with this refreshing souvenir for you and your loved ones.


5. Spices

Now, it is time to take Qatari dishes to your kitchen, and this can’t be done without the traditional spices, including Mendi spices , Curry powder, Chicken powder spices , Mixed spices , Meat Kabsa spices ,and Black pepper powder . The moment you try Qatari dishes,  your taste buds will crave them forever.


6. Qatar souvenirs

Leave a space in your suitcase for Qatar souvenirs from Tajer! You can choose a metallic pin badge, thermos cup, bottle, mug, scarf or tote bag with Qatar skyline, face mask with Qatar flag, t-shirts and sweaters with Qatar print, accessories and many more. These lovely souvenirs make the perfect gifts for friends and family.


With these 6 souvenirs from Tajer, you will be taking authentic pieces of Qatar to your hometown and your trip will be table talk for years to come.

We hope you have a blast while visiting Qatar!


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